Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Equipment Eligibility

Mikes Lab Bullet 3L (Mast) / 3LC (Glider) are eligible to compete in Formula Kite competitions until the end of 2021, if they comply with the correct measurements, see

However, It appears that the published 2017 dimensions provided by Mikes Lab (556.9mm) are either an accidental mistake in their submission, or based on the measurement system used in previous cycles.

All dimensions reported by teams are in the 565mm range (with an allowed tolerance of +/-2mm) which is in line with the dimensions submitted with the Mikes Lab re-application).

Event Technical Committees will therefore base a decision on the eligibility of a Mikes Lab Bullet 3LC glider not solely on the fuselage length measurement, if all other dimensions are within the accepted tolerances (see original statement below).

Competitors are reminded that event equipment inspection is NOT measurement, and that it is ultimately the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that their equipment complies with the class rules (see RRS 78). 

23 July 2020

Maintenance and Repair

It depends.

The class rules do not make provisions about replacements, except that the registration requirements specify that a competitor shall not use more than one kite in each size range.

However, the Notice of Race / Sailing Instructions and/or the Equipment Regulations may specify that a damaged kite may only be replaced with a kite of the same brand, model and size.

The following policy is recommended from 01 January 2023 onwards:

Major events - replacement "same for same" (same brand, model, size)
Senior Worlds and Europeans, Olympic Qualification events, major Regional Games (Pan American Games, Asian Games)

Other events - replacement with any other kite in the same size range

Updated 04 May 2023

Personal Equipment

The Formula Kite class rules do not regulate the weight of the harness, but RRS 50.1(a) states that ‘Competitors shall not wear or carry clothing or equipment for the purpose of increasing their weight.’
Increasing the weight of the harness by using elements heavier than necessary will be considered as purposefully increasing the competitor’s weight and therefore a breach of RRS 50.1(a).

The class intends to regulate the harness weight in the class rules from 1.1.2023.
The intended limits are 0.8kg for the hook plate / spreader bar and 2.6kg for the total weight of the harness.

04 November 2022


The "minimum diameter" is the smallest dimension through the center of the line measured in any direction.

Note: Rules of part C are the responsibility of the competitor, not the manufacturer. Competitors should therefore ensure that their equipment always complies with the Class Rules, regardless if equipment is in new or in used condition.

02 August 2020

Advertising and Branding

Except in certain events (Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, some Regional Games, ANOC World Beach Games etc) personal advertising may be displayed in accordance with World Sailing Regulation 20 (Advertising Code).

For Olympic Games and similar events, strict branding restrictions, including advertisement / makers marks for athletes clothing exist (see example for Tokyo 2020 here).

There is no restriction in size, but some parts of the hull are reserved for nationality flags, class insignia and event advertising.

Nationality flags, class insignia and event advertising shall not be shall not be trimmed, cut, or covered by other materials.

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Red: space reserved for event advertising

26 July 2020