Formula Kite Equipment Registration for the Paris 2024 Olympic Quadrennium opens

Manufacturers are invited to register new equipment for the period leading up to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Equipment currently listed on the IKA Registered Series Production lists and where manufacturers wish to have the equipment considered as equipment for the 2024 Olympic Games also needs to be re-submitted.

The relevant class rules of the Formula Kite Class can be found here:

IKA approved hydrofoil systems and kites are mass produced kiteboarding equipment manufactured in a series production run of at least 100 pieces per model/size.

Each piece of equipment shall be produced using the same manufacturing specification and materials and shall be within tightest production tolerances.

Manufacturers must guarantee a minimum building capacity of 50 pieces per equipment/model/size per month on an ongoing basis until the end of the next Olympic Cycle.

Manufacturers must also guarantee that world wide distribution is available and that equipment will be delivered to customers on a first come-first served basis if not otherwise agreed with IKA or World Sailing.

Equipment will be eligible to compete in Formula Kite events the day after the next Olympic Games.

The final registration deadline is May 1st before the next Olympic Games (for this cycle, this is May 1st 2020). By that date, all requirements including paperwork and factory inspections must be completed, and equipment must be available for purchase.

NOTE: Manufacturers are strongly advised to initiate the registration process by submitting the equipment registration form and associated paperwork in time, and by March 15, 2020 latest. For registration processes initiated after March 15 2020, IKA cannot guarantee timely processing of the application and required factory inspections.

Registration is subject to payment of World Sailing Builder Fees to World Sailing.

Licensing as Olympic Equipment will be granted at the end of 2021 through a Commercial Undertakings agreement between the manufacturer and World Sailing, and is subject to compliance with the Olympic Licensing Policy (which is available in the registration process).

The online equipment registration system is available at

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