Asia on fire!

  • Singaporean Max Maeder and China's Qibin Huang, dominate day 1 claiming all 4 bullets in their respective heats
  • Magda Woyciechoska and Heloise Pegourie take 2 bullets each in an exciting day for the girls 
  • Equal points for Pianosi, Voerster and Fonseca battling it out for third
  • New faces at the forefront with Chloe Revil and Derin Atakan






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© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: Spectacular racing off Hang Loose Beach

Day one delivered glamour racing for the young kitefoilers on Hangloose beach! On-shore wind at the beginning of the day resulted in a slight delay, as the fleet waited for the classic north-westerly breeze that Gizzeria is so famous for, to kick in. While the wind flicked right, the atmosphere was buzzing as 86 riders from around the world started to jump into action. 

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© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: Singapore's Max Maeder confirming Asian kiteboarding power

Asian Power 

Max Maeder from Singapore and Qibin Huang from China got off to a sensational start to the regatta. Both riders showed that they mean business with some hefty leads ahead of the rest of the pack in their respective fleets. Having known each other since they were both 10 years old in 2016, the two are not just rivals, but longtime friends. “We’ve both progressed at similar rates, and we’ve had some good racing over the years and I’m looking forward to more this week” says Maeder reminiscing about their history. “The European Championships was really close with me and Riccardo [Pianosi, ITA], but now I’m ready to fight for the top spot with Max” says Huang, feeling confident about recent equipment improvements. Both riders finished the day tied at the top of the leaderboard with straight bullets, and no doubt on the hunt for 4 more tomorrow.

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© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: Brazilian Lucas Fonseca shining in Italy


A triumphant trio 

Behind the two asians, three riders were battling it out for third. Italy’s Riccardo Pianosi, German rider Jan Voerster and Brazil’s up and coming rider Lucas Fonseca, all finished the day tied, on points made up of an impressively consistent mix of results for the three riders. “Today was a good day, I was quite consistent. Unfortunately, I made some small mistakes, but I think it always happens. I’m always trying to eliminate these mistakes. The wind was good, I was really happy we raced the first 3 races on powered 15s, unfortunately the last race the wind dropped, and I should have changed to the 23m, but I didn’t have time! But I had quite a good start and I think this was a good first day” said Forseca, while Voerster added: “My tactic was to start at the boat so I could be free to tack out and take the shift from the coastline. I managed to find my layline and was surprised to find myself competing with the top guys"

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© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: Polish rider Magda Woyciechoska leading the women's fleet

Poland vs. France round 2

Flying out of the blocks was Magda Woyciechoska, the young Polish rider who claimed 2 of today’s 4 bullets, unfortunately ending the day with a tangle with fellow teammate Nina Arcisz. This opened the door for Youth European Champion Heloise Pegourie (FRA) to take the final bullet of the day, also finishing the day with two bullets. After a close finish at the European Championships, the two riders are here for more!  “I was sad to finish the day on a tangle and break my kite, but at least it means I get to bring out my orange 21m VMG!” said Woyciechoska, putting a positive spin on things as always, while Heloise reflected on the day: “The first races I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t manage to push very hard. But on the third race I found the strength to push harder managed two bullets which I’m very happy about! Now I am very tired and even did a protest!” 

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© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: Great appearence from Argentina's Catalina Turienzo

Level up in the girls' fleet

With surprise appearances from Argentian rider Catalina Turienzo, French Riders Lysa Caval and Cloe Revil and Turkish rider Derin Atakan, we’ve had some exciting switch ups with new faces at the top. Consistency is key in this ever stronger fleet and definitely paying off for Revil and Atakan taking 2nd and 3rd place for the day.  “It was an interesting day because the girls are really strong so we had great battles. I Sometimes I was in really good positions, but unfortunately in the last race Magda and Nina tangled right in front of me so that result wasn’t so good” said Revil.  Atakan was also satisfied with her day: “I think it was pretty good, I got second in a race so I was pretty happy about that result. Finally, I am competing at the top! The Europeans wasn’t really good for me, so I’m really focusing on my strengths for this event”

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© IKA media / Robert Hajduk

Racing continues tomorrow with four more qualifying races, ahead of the finals on the weekend. The action will be broadcasted live through the IKA channels.



Qibin Huang


3 p


Maximilian Maeder


3 p


Jan Voester


7 p




Magdalena Woyciechowska


4 p


Chloe Revil


9 p


Derin Atakan


11 p