Formula Youth - Invitation to Tender

The International Kiteboarding Association is seeking tenders for equipment to be selected as One-Design Hydrofoil Equipment (Freeride Foil and LEI Kite) for Youth under 16 years of age.

The first major championships of this new youth class are planned to be held in July 2021 in the framework of the Formula Kite Youth World Championships.

Participation in this tender process is open on equal terms to all manufacturers of kiteboarding equipment.
Participants may bid for one or both of the following packages:


  1. Hull and Hydrofoil System
  2. Leading Edge Inflatable kite quiver including bar(s)

Tender closing date: 1 May 2020
Publication of shortlisted tenders: 15 May 2020
Shortlisted improved tenders deadline: 15 June 2020
On-water trials, if necessary: July 2020 (Subject to COVID-19)
Recommendation to IKA Executive Committee: 1 August 2020
IKA may extend the timeline if required.

Evaluation Phases
The Evaluation takes place in two phases

  1. Phase 1
    1. Selection of tenderers on the basis of Professional Qualification criteria;
    2. Evaluation of tenders on the basis of the Technical Qualification;

Phase 1 will be used for a selection of shortlisted tenders. Shortlisted tenderers may amend their tenders for phase 2.

  1. Phase 2
    1. Evaluation of shortlisted tenderers on the basis of Professional Qualification;
    2. Visits to production and/or assembly sites for shortlisted tenderers by IKA Technical Committee members (if deemed necessary);
    3. Evaluation of shortlisted tenders on the basis of the Technical Qualification;

The results of the evaluation will then be put forward to the IKA Executive Committee for decision.
Professional Qualification
Tenderers must prove their economic, technical and professional capacity to supply Equipment as envisioned.
The tenderer must prove expertise and experience in the following:

  1. Staff technical and manufacturing expertise
  2. High volume distribution and production
  3. Customer service
  4. Quality management
  5. Drafting reports and construction manuals

Technical Qualification
The equipment criteria are as defined by the 2019 IKA General Assembly:

General Criteria:

  • Low Performance / Freeride Foil
  • Tubekites for safety and ressources
  • Long term commitment by class and manufacturer (at least 4-8 year product cycle)
  • Equipment in which clubs and parents can invest long term
  • One Design for all components
  • All equipment readily available on the market
  • World wide distribution network and existing spread of equipment

Specific Criteria and Discussion:

  • Age group: U16 from all continents and ethnicities


  • Number of Tube-Kites: 3
  • Wind range: 8-22 knots (average measured over 5 minutes).
  • Same kite sizes for boys and girls
  • Bars with different line length if required

    Hydrofoil System

  • Max mast length app. 90cm
  • Max wing span app. 60cm
  • Min wing area app. 550sqcm
  • All parts detachable


  • High volume hull (no Twin Tip technology
  • Hull with track system
  • Hull with multiple footstrap positions

For the kite quiver, tenderers are requested to recommend sizes and number of bars / line length together with a rationale for their recommendation taking into account the general target group.
For hull and hydrofoil system, tenderers are requested to recommend the materials used for the hydrofoil system and hull and explain the benefits of the proposal.
Significant derivations from the criteria above need to be explained.

Construction and Design Information

  • Equipment building specification
  • Construction methods
  • Production process
  • Weekly maximum delivery capacity
  • Current production and distribution numbers of the proposed equipment
  • Warranty Policy and Claim form
  • Any Brochure or marketing material
  • Sustainable and environmental considerations regarding the production process and practices of the manufacturing yards

Cost analysis, retail price and durability criteria

  • The tenderer must provide retail prices (ex-VAT) and reduced prices for orders through World Sailing Member National Authorities and IKA Full Members.
  • The tenderer must provide an analysis, where available, of the durability of the Equipment required for racing.

Evaluation Method
The tenders will be evaluated against the Profesional Qualification criteria, the Technical Qualification criteria, which includes the comprehensive General Assembly Criteria and any other technical or market criteria resulting from the evaluation process.
Each responsive tender offer may be reduced to a comparative offer and ranked against each other.
Tender content and communications
The tender shall be presented in English, in Microsoft Word (.docx) format with all text minimum font size of 12. Drawings and pictures may be presented in other formats.
All communications whether written or verbal shall be made in English.
The tenders must be presented as a single submission composed of the following parts:

  1. Identification of the tenderer
  2. Professional Qualification
  3. Technical Qualification
  4. Cost analysis, retail price and durability criteria

Updates or modifications to received tender contents shall only be accepted if received prior to tender effective deadlines.
All tenders and requested information shall be provided in English and by email to the following address: info<at>