The first event of the KiteFoil World Series has just finished last Sunday, and the beach in Gizzeria, Italy, is filling up with young eager athletes ready to battle it out on the race course to win the 2021 Formula Kite U19 and A’s Youth Foil World titles.

65 U19 riders have gathered from 25 countries in the south of Italy, at the Hang Loose Beach, one of the best spot in Europe for the sport, for the 2021 event. The conditions here are spectacular, the wind blows regularly from north-west leaving the water flat, it so happened last week for the first of five events of the KiteFoil World Series, and this very afternoon, when many young athletes have attended the practice race, all keen to get their boards flying.

Tonight there will be the official Opening Ceremony, and tomorrow the first race is scheduled at 1200 hours. The athletes will be divided into three fleets, the A’s Youth Foil where boys and girls race together, and the Formula Kite, the Olympic equipment, divided into boys and girls. An Opening Series will be followed by a Medal Series for the best 14 athletes of the qualifier and a Final Race for the athletes ranked from 15th onwards. On "Super Sunday" July 18th, the last day of the competition, the World Champions will be crowned at Hang Loose Beach. 

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