Maupas leads the Masters

Warm winds of 8 to 16 knots in Torregrande, Sardinia

Billy Guy Maupas leads Masters Worlds after four heats

After four races in warm winds of 8 to 16 knots, some clear patterns are already beginning to emerge in the three world-class kitefoiling contests taking place in Torregrande, Sardinia.

For riders aged 35 and over, this is the Masters World Championship. Denmark’s James Johnsen won the opening heat but the next three wins went to Billy Guy Maupas from France. Aged 52, Johnsen was very happy with his first day in Torregrande. “It was such a good day on the water,” said the dedicated Dane. “I was on my 23 [square metre kite] all day, and it felt very good.

“The start of my day was particularly good, and then I made some mistakes later in the afternoon, stupid stuff with positioning on the race course, but pretty happy. It’s fun racing in our own age division, we’re a bit more mature, not taking so many risks as these superkids. We’re not so keen to put ourselves in places that might end up in big collisions.”

© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: Billy Guy-Maupas leads the Masters

The only husband and wife team in the fleet are Jean Romain and Claire Morel from France. While Jean Romain is up in third overall, Claire is fighting nearer to the back of the fleet but is loving every moment. “Our nine-year-old daughter is back in France being looked after by her grandparents, and we are here enjoying our holiday, but racing hard too,” said Claire, aged 41.

“We don’t train hard like the kids, this week in Torregrande is our training! Being on these busy start lines, you learn a lot very quickly. The good thing about kiting is you don’t need to be super strong, you don’t need a lot of muscle, more endurance, so we can keep doing this for many years. I love it, and I will keep on coming back for more, for as many years as my body allows me to race.”

For Thursday, the 91 riders from 22 countries and four continents will look to complete four more high-adrenalin races on the glittering Gulf of Oristano.
© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: Sensational conditions in Torregrande