Pégourié recovers from tangle to lead the girls

Warm winds of 8 to 16 knots in Torregrande, Sardinia
Héloïse Pégourié leads girl’s fleet with three wins from four
Runaway winners from China and Italy in boys’ groups

After four races in warm winds of 8 to 16 knots, some clear patterns are already beginning to emerge in the three world-class kitefoiling contests taking place in Torregrande, Sardinia.



For the under 21 year olds, the Formula Kite Youth European Championship is one of the biggest events of the season. For qualifying, the boys are split into yellow and blue divisions, and there were two clear winners from each group. Four straight wins for Qibin Huang of China, four straight wins for Riccardo Pianosi of Italy.

Fighting hard with Pianosi in yellow group was Lucas Fonseca from Brazil. “Last year I was 20th in the Youth World Championship here in Torregrande,” said Fonseca. “I had a lot of work to do to make improvements and today I feel all the work I have done is paying off. 
© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: Lucas Fonseca launching out of the start

“I made a few mistakes, I had a crash when I was pushing hard to try to win one race. I was side by side with Riccardo in another race and made a small mistake in the gybe when I let the tip of my kite touch the water. These are the things I still have to work on, but I feel I am going in the right direction.”


Compared with the runaway winners in the boys’ fleet, things weren’t quite so cut and dried in the girls’ fleet. In the first heat, two top French riders were neck and neck with less than 100 metres to the finish. But a tangle of kites brought Héloïse Pégourié and Lysa Caval crashing to the water. Pégourié limped across the line in 14th while Caval didn’t manage to finish. Another rider from the strong French squad, Chloé Revil, went on to win the opening heat.

However, for the next three races Pégourié avoided the tangles and broke clear to take three back-to-back victories. This puts the French rider in the lead, four points ahead of youth world champion Julia Damasiewicz from Poland.

© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: the tangle between Pegourie and Caval
For Thursday, the 91 riders from 22 countries and four continents will look to complete four more high-adrenalin races on the glittering Gulf of Oristano.
© IKA media / Robert Hajduk: Sensational conditions in Torregrande
RESULTS  (top 3 after 4 races)
Youth Men
1=  CHN   Qibin Huang   4p   
1=  ITA   Riccardo Pianosi   4p
3     CZE   Vojtech Koska   8p
Youth Women
1  FRA   Heloise Pegourie   3p   
 FRA   Julia Damasiewicz   7p
3     FRA   Chloe Revil   8p