Updated Qualification System released after feedback from members

The qualification systems for the upcoming 2022 Formula Kite World and European Championships have been updated after receiving initial feedback from our members.

The entry remains limited to 90 men and 60 women per event. 

The European Championships is an open event, competitors from all countries are able to enter (subject to quota restrictions).

Every country is guaranteed one (1) entry. Additional entries are offered only to IKA full members based on their standings in the World Sailing Rankings for the Formula Kite class as of 01 July 2022.

Using the World Rankings as a criteria for additional entries reflects (and rewards) the depth and quality of national fleets, and of teams that support class events everywhere in the world.

The change to version 1 of the qualification system is related to the remaining places after the initial quota allocation based on top 10 rankings and top 50% of the World Ranking. Instead of an open "lottery" for the remaining places, countries that have only one quota place allocated will be offered a second place and so on until the quota is filled. There will be NO individual applications by competitors (except for countries were there is no IKA paid-up member).

For the World Championships, all countries are eligible to receive a 2nd and 3rd place (even if not qualified through the World Ranking system), for the European Championships this only applies to countries from Europe. The event remains open for all countries and members from outside of Europe may receive multiple quota allocation based on their World Ranking results, however additional places to the 1 place minimum will be allocated to continental members to increase opportunities for their continental championship.

Please have a look at the qualification systems here:
Formula Kite Worlds: https://www.rrs.sh/documents/3389/event
Formula Kite Europeans: https://www.rrs.sh/documents/3390/event

The following events will award points to the World Sailing rankings:
WesMex Regatta (50 points) - 2-6 March 2022 (MEX)
Formula Kite Grand Prix Cabarete (50 points) - 9-13 March 2022 (DOM)
Formula Kite Asia-Pacific Championships (100 points) - 11-17 March 2022 (THA)
Princesa Sofia (100 points) - 2-9 April 2022 (ESP)
SOF Hyeres (100 points) - 23-30 April 2022 (FRA)
Formula Kite Youth U21 Worlds (100 points) - 16-22 May 2022 (ITA)
Allianz Regatta (100 points) - 31 May - 5 June 2022 (NED)
Formula Kite Grand Prix Campione (50 points) - 23-26 June 2022 (ITA)
Additional events i.e. national championships may be added to the list.

Registration for the Formula Kite World and European Championship will open after the end of the qualification period on 01 July 2022. The Notices of Race will be published in due course.