Aeros / Elf kites approved as Formula Kite Registered Series Production Equipment

Aeros and Elf have joined forces for the 2024 Olympic quadrennium to bring once again a new generation of RAM-air kites to the competition scene under a joint brand name.

Produced in the Ukraine, the following kites have been approved by the IKA Technical Committee as registered series production equipment for the IKA Formula Kite Class.

Aeros/Elf CJ-8
Aeros/Elf CJ-9
Aeros/Elf JC-9
Aeros/Elf JC-11
Aeros/Elf JC-15
Aeros/Elf JC-19
Aeros/Elf JC-22

All kites will now be evaluated in competition until the end of 2021, when World Sailing will license the 2024 Olympic equipment through a separate agreement with the successful manufacturers.

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List of registeres series production kites:

List of registered series production hydrofoil systems: