15 Manufacturers Advance To Factory Inspections In IKA Formula Kite Registered Series Production Scheme For 2024

IKA launched the application process for new Formula Kite equipment registrations in September 2019, with requirements for registration clearly laid out in an online application system.
This application system required interested builders to submit dimensions of their equipment together with an extensive list of supporting documentation in order to assess professional and technical competence.
Following the timelines laid out in the Formula Kite class rules, IKA has received 17 applications for hydrofoil system equipment registrations and 6 applications for foilkite (RAM-air) equipment registrations by 1st May 2020, the application period closing date.
Other than in so called "single builder one design" classes, under the registered series production scheme detailed information on the building process is required in order to ensure that all competitors have access to the same equipment, and building specifications remain unchanged throughout the Olympic quad.
The IKA Technical Committee has considered all received applications and has assessed them against the requirements set out. One foilkite (RAM-air) and seven hydrofoil system applications were rejected.
The registration process will now continue with factory inspections for the successful applications. Equipment lists on the Formula Kite website will be updated accordingly.
Hydrofoil Systems - subject to successful factory inspection:
Flying Sardine
Foilkites (RAM-air) - subject to successful factory inspection:
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IKA is also investigating irregularities with currently registered equipment from the previous registration cycle.
The IKA Formula Kite class is committed to ensure fairness between competitors.  This includes strict control of the equipment and building processes in order to avoid an arms race with custom made equipment.
All manufacturers, boutique brands and custom made equipment, are welcome to race in the open IKA KiteFoil World Series events.

For more information on the Olympic IKA Formula Kite class, please visit www.formulakite.org