Element, Flysurfer and Ozone kites approved as registered production equipment for the LA 2028 quadrennium

The IKA Technical Committee has approved the registration of the following equipment items as "Registered Series Production Equipment" for the LA 2028 quadrennium (in alphabetical order):

  • Element Kiteboarding GmbH
    • Flash 21m
    • Flash 19m
    • Flash 15m
    • Flash 11m
  • Ozone Kites Ltd
    • R1V5 21m
    • R1V5 19m
    • R1V5 15m
    • R1V5 14m
    • R1V5 11m
    • R1V5 10m
    • R1V5 9m
    • R1V5 8m
  • Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG / Flysurfer Kiteboarding
    • VMG3 21m
    • VMG3 19m
    • VMG3 15m
    • VMG3 11m
    • VMG3 9m

All new equipment items will be integrated into the list of registered production equipment shortly. They can be used in Formula Kite competition after the conclusion of the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Regatta.

All equipment currently listed on the registered series production equipment list remains eligible for use until the end of 2025, when World Sailing will license the equipment for the LA 2028 Games.

Any equipment may be used in dedicated Formula Kite Youth Events as well as in national competitions indefinately.