2020 KiteFoil Open Class AGM Minutes

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the International KiteFoil Open Class was held on 19 December 2020 via Cisco Webex videoconferencing.

In absence of an elected class Vice-President, IKA President Mirco Babini opened the meeting at 18:00 UTC and welcomed the attendees. 15 votes were represented.


1. Welcome and roll call
2. Minutes of the previous meeting
3. Class Report
4. Class Rule submissions

01-20 1 Executive Committee Housekeeping changes approved  
  2     approved  
  3     approved  
02-20   Executive Committee Hook knives and where to wear them approved  
06-20   Executive Committee Bridle materials approved  

5. Future Events
    see https://teamup.com/ksqdboy37i1jokng4o
6. Election of the Class Vice President
    No nominations for the position of KiteFoil Vice President have been received
7. Any Other Business

There being no further business, IKA President Mirco Babini closed the meeting at 1930 UTC

A full recording of the meeting can be found here: 

A pdf of the full minutes can be downloaded here.

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