2019 Formula Kite AGM Minutes

Formula Kite Class AGM 2019

02 May 2019, 2000 hours, Campione Univela, Campione Di Garda, Italy

1.         Welcome and appointment of the Chairperson of the meeting
Mirco Babini is appointed chairperson of the meeting.

1.         Mirco:

1.         First AGM as an Olympic Class. In the future the class AGMs deal with class business and the administrative things are moved to the winter IKA General Assembly.

2.         Markus:

1.         AGMs usually at big events, for all of the 5 IKA classes

2.         17 votes are present including 3 Executive Committee (Mirco, Bruno, Markus)

2. Minutes of the previous meeting

          no previous meeting of FK class.

          no objections agains participation of spectators to increase awareness.

3. Class Report


                    FK aim to become Olympic, succeeded after 7 years for 2024 France

                    Next step is equipment selection, later this month.


                    talked about multiple manufacturers <-> one design

                    registered series production system…. = new for WS

                    FK as equipment to be decided in May at WS Midyear meeting

                              Every manufacturer can ask to be in pool

                              1 May 2020 = next cut off date for new equipment

                                       summer 2020- december 2021: evaluation period:

                                                 WS checks if Manufacturer complies

                                                 some (all?) Manufacturers that comp[ly are approved

                                                 WS, class and Manufacturer 3 party-agreement

                              IOC will approve in 2021 all events in all sports

                              350 competitors for 10 events in 2020 Tokyo

                              Showcase event in 2020 Tokyo?

                                       Organizing committee says no

                                       Olympic broadcasting wants it (on the surf venue?)

                                                 last minute decision….

                              multiple manufacturers can produce the same equipment

4. Class Rule submissions


                    today is free, part of rigging so it is open so you can have different set of                                                bridles to change the form/performance of the kite

                    Proposal: only bridles that are commercial available can be used

                    Majority agree on principal…but reject until exact wording are finalized with                              manufacturers, included time delay before those updates are to be
used in                             events



                    GPS are allowed today

                    the gps tracking device shall not provide additional information


5. Future Events


                    World Beach Games - San Diego, oktober

                    African Beach Games - Sal

                    Pan-American Games - only Americans

                    Europeans in Sardinia - September/oktober

                    Mediterranean Games - …small


                    Worlds - we try to have it after the Olympics

                    Europeans, Medemblik? Kieler Woche? Others?

                    first Sailing Worldcup of new 4-years in September

TwinTip Racing

          - succesfull in YOG

          - looks good for Dakar in 2022, same equipment, same thing

6. Election of the Class Vice President

          Spyridon (Spyros) Krotsis (GRE) was accepted unanimously.

7. Any Other Business

          to change things in the class

                    members (National Class Association) can make submissions

                    The AGM votes and decides

          youth foiling class? Pathway?

                    World Sailing Youth Worlds..kiteboard? U19?

                    Beach? Coach Boats not allowed

                    U14 can have cheaper equipment, +14 = top equipment

                    Tube Kites

          GKA against TT-racing on YOG


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