2017 AGM Minutes

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the International Kiteboarding Association was held on 3 February 2018 in Milan.

President Mirco Babini opened the meeting at 1400 hours and welcomed the attendees representing a total of 19 votes.

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The key discussion and decision of the AGM was to amend the Formula Kite Class rules to license more than one sole builder to build Formula Kite equipment per Olympic cycle, and that newly registered equipment may only be used from 2020 onwards.

The Executive Committee has further discussed the matter. Given the short timeframe until the next eligibility date and to give planning safety to competitors and national teams which equipment may be used at the Aarhus World Sailing World Championships (2018 Formula Kite Worlds), the 2018 Europeans, the 2018 Central American & Carribean Games, the 2019 PanAm Games and the still possible 2020 Olympic Showcase event, it serves the sport best to allow all equipment currently on the Formula Kite registered equipment list to compete, but no new equipment will be added.

For the next cycle (eligibility 2020 onwards), additional requirements for licensed builders will be implemented as per World Sailing Olympic Classes contract, i.e. distribution channels, delivery times, quality management, tolerances etc. 

The new equipment registration agreement will be made available to the builders shortly in preparation for the 2020 cycle.

Mirco Babini was unanimously re-elected president at the end of the AGM, and closed the meeting at 17:57 hours.

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